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| April 08, 2024

A very brief commentary this week.  Our quarterly update will be going out soon.

Right or wrong, the market is fixated on interest rates and if/when the Fed will be

making a rate cut.  Let's face it, rates are pretty high and the economy is doing okay,

so there isn't a huge incentive for the Fed to cut rates at the moment.  Some are even

concerned inflation could tick back up and we could see a hike.  I am not in the hike

camp at present, but I reserve the right to change my mind if the data changes.

Commodities have been getting more expensive lately.  The big news of the week

will be on Wednesday when inflation data for consumers (CPI) comes out for the

month of March.  If the number is low, the market will like that and expect the Fed

has a green light to think about cutting rates.  If the number is hot, it's a yellow light

for the Fed.  It is election year and the carnival should be in full force as we enter

the summer months.

Stay tuned...