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Irma Update

| September 12, 2017

Like many of you, we are without power in our homes.  Fortunately, our office sustained no damage and we have power.  My home saw no damage other than lots of tree limbs and debris and some fencing blown apart.  Please keep Liz in your prayers as her home was crushed by a large tree and is uninhabitable.  The office will close early today to take the time to help our friends and neighbors who are still struggling with cleanup and getting life back to normal.

As we stated last week, our business continuity plan provides that we will be able to perform mission critical functions such as trading and client money movements.  To that end, please note the following contact numbers in the event you cannot reach us at the office via our normal number.  

Nick Toadvine - 863-398-8299
Liz Cruz - 863-602-6042

You may also contact us via the Guardian Wealth app, which there is a link to at the bottom of this email.  Feel free to email us, but we caution you against sending sensitive requests such as trading instructions and withdrawal requests via email as they cannot be honored.  

I expect we will be open normal business hours starting tomorrow and going forward. Thank you for your understanding.  In an emergency you can also call either of our custodians directly at the numbers below if you are unable to reach us.

TD Ameritrade - 800-431-3500
NFS - 866-306-9049

We look forward to getting back to work on Wednesday.

Kind regards,