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| December 27, 2021

First, we want to send out our warmest wishes for you and your family as we enter

into the time of year where we spend time with those we cherish, reflect back on the

past year and look ahead to what comes next. We thank you for being part of

our extended family and are grateful to know you.

This will be the last update of 2021 barring some improbable calamity between now and year end.

We have shared a year in which we all thought life would return to normal, only to

learn we must roll with the punches and make the most of the situation we find

ourselves in. As it turns out, the American spirit is pretty good at turning lemons

into lemonade and 2021 has been no different. We have laughed, cried, comforted

and hopefully loved. Though there were a few treacherous periods of time, the

markets have treated us pretty well and we were once again reminded "this too shall


We will send out a more robust update for the first quarter of 2022 in early to mid

January, but in a nutshell the economy is resilient and strong. We will have to

weather concerns over interest rate increases and whatever else the world throws at

us as we move into 2022, but more on that in early January. Covid tried once again

to get the markets to stumble, but was once again met with the American spirit.

Incidentally, as the media undoubtedly ramps up its coverage of the Omicron

variant, know that it reached its peak in 25 days in South Africa before it started to

burn out. That gives it about two to three more weeks here. Fortunately, it doesn't

appear to be as severe as past variants. Additionally, new treatments are being

created and are coming to market as you read this. The stock market has seen

through this and it sounds like Santa is warming up his sleigh to deliver the almost

annual Santa Claus rally into year end.

For the time being the gauges below are a pretty good summary of where things

stand as we enter into the last few weeks of the year.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence and we pray you are blessed

beyond measure in the new year.